Chinese green tea health benefits

October 22, 2018

Green Tea

Chances are you've probably heard of the health benefits of Chinese green tea. This tea was used as medicine in China for centuries. Today, it's becoming more and more popular worldwide.

How did it start?

Tea originated in China over 2,000 years ago. There are some legend and mystery surrounding the origin of Chinese tea, however. According to legend, early Buddhists discovered the tea. One tea legend in China actually says the agriculture god Sheng invented tea by chewing the leaves and spitting them into hot water.

Chinese Tea Versus Indian Tea

Both China and India cultivate tea. Biologists have said that the types of tea are different. The plans are similar but slightly different. Essentially, they taste the same. Under British rule, tea was cultivated as a cash crop.

 Health Benefits of Green Tea

There have been endless claims of the benefits of green tea.  Due to high levels of antioxidants, studies have suggested that green tea might be able to prevent diseases and even to fight cancer. If you drink the tea regularly, you will have improvements that lower cholesterol, help you lose weight, and much more. Green tea is sometimes also used in moisturizers.

Green Tea

Green tea, oolong tea, or something else?
There are several different kinds of tea. You can get loose tea or bagged tea. Loose tea is better for health benefits, though some people say that bagged tea actually tastes better. Studies have suggested that green tea is best for health benefits, whereas oolong tea is best for weight loss.