Growing Passion
Growing a passion for anything seems like an impossible task.  Today, every person is expected to multitask and to make sure that he can do a lot of things all at once.  Being calm and being in harmony with peace and one’s environment seems like a thing of the past.

For us, we have a growing passion towards going back to things that make us happy.  We have a passion for tea that cannot be compared to others. We have this growing belief that every person should be able to reconcile the hustle and bustle of his everyday life to the calmness and serenity that only tea can offer.


Our Tea Garden
From the early days, tea has been nothing but a source of serenity. With that, it is necessary for the present generation to have a preview of what a normal tea garden looks like.
A normal tea garden is surrounded by nature.  Here, you are awaited by a host who is ready to pour you a cup of tea. There are birds chirping and a fountain the background.  It is nothing but calm and soothing and as the teapot pours in the tea, you get an example of what life is all about.


Make Your Own Garden
It is amazing how the version of our tea garden can actually be done by any person at home.  With just a simple cup of tea, some milk and lemon, everything becomes calmer and soother.  Gone are the stress and the pain caused by everyday life.Join us in growing our passion for tea. Discover the wellness that comes with living a life dedicated to knowing the benefits of drinking tea and everything about it.